Coriander powder 100g/ كزبره مطحونه - Kay In Kitchen

Coriander powder 100g/ كزبره مطحونه

Coriander powder 100g/ كزبره مطحونه

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كزبره/ كزبره مطحونه

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كزبره / كزبرة

After reading this great spice benefits, you will make sure you have it in your kitchen all the time.

Coriander is available in two forms: seeds and green leaves look much like parsley, both have many benefits to your health but we have it in Kay in Kitchen as 100 gm bag of ground seeds for reserving the flavor to the longest time possible.

Coriander is good for your digestion, lowers cholesterol and improves skin and hair quality.

Sprinkle it nicely on your next dish and explore its extraordinary flavor of the best quality seasoning ever.

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3 reviews for Coriander powder 100g/ كزبره مطحونه

  1. Maysoon (verified owner)

    Love it 🥰

  2. Maysoon (verified owner)


  3. Dawlat Salameh

    Great 👍 quality and taste

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